AI Logistics is proud to offer warehousing and storage for a variety of different businesses. So regardless of whether there are special requirements for storing your products, we are here to help!

Our warehousing and storage in Logistics allows us to store:

Meaning that we are able to store them safely and appropriately, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition to your customers.

Why choose AI Logistic for your warehousing and storage?

Clean, maintained, temperature controlled storage in a highly secured building.

To ensure your products don’t spoil, and arrive at your customers in perfect condition! We also guarantee to keep your products safe with the buildings multitude of security procedures!

Delivery options

We have partnered with a large variety of couriers, meaning you can give your customers more options for delivery. Want to start selling your products abroad? No problem! We have

3 Months Free Storage

Speaks for itself, right?

Variety of e-commerce, business and marketing support

Want to find out how we can help you to grow your business? Check out this page – E-Commerce and Marketing Support.

Choose a subscription rate that fits your business

Pay based on your monthly order volume, to ensure that you aren’t spending too much! Check out our pricing here.

Quarterly business reports

This could be on sales, returns, best selling products and much more! Our reports and consultancy can help you to continue your best sellers whilst working on products that might not be doing so well.