At AI Logistic, we see the importance of helping small or medium business grow. We achieve this by not only by storing, packing and delivering your items so that you have extra time to focus on your business, but also by offering free E-commerce and Marketing support. This is offered as a free service to all subscription customers therefore making us a top UK Ecommerce Fulfilment Service.

How we can help

WhatHow it helps
E-CRM – a platform for E-mail and SMS MarketingWith E-CRM we will be able to set-up email workflows tailored to your business. This includes emails about new offers, and products among other things. E-CRM can send out automatic emails and notifying customers about items left in the basket or an order that is on its way!
Order Management System used by AI Logistics to keep track of inventory and orders.Through the data provided on our Order Management System we provide you with:

Revenue, sales (overall and by platform), best and worst selling products, returns, and end of month stock levels. From there we communicate with you & therefore create a plan of action. This improves your sales, and helps to keep on top of inventory management.

From there we will be able to communicate with you and form the best plan of action for improving your sales.
Retention and Acquisition StrategiesBy providing us with information on your audience and marketing preferences, we can assist in improving your current marketing strategy. Whether its paper, email, or social media marketing, AI Logistic can help provide advice on how to drive your sales through simple yet effective marketing techniques.
Web design consultancyAI Logistic will analyse your website and give advice on how to improve traffic, sales, and customer retention.

We may also suggest tools which can be used to add elements to your site such as web support pop ups, newsletter/subscriber sign up, as well as recommended or “frequently bought together” product tools.

A professional and easily navigable site can help encourage visitors to make purchases and feel inclined to return as a future customer.
Multi Channel Ecommerce Fulfilment ServicesThanks to our capable software, we are able to receive and manage orders from across multiple Ecommerce platforms with ease; each and every order is located in the same place to simplify the process, ensuring efficiency.

AI Logistic is one of the best Ecommerce order fulfilment services and prides itself as being the middleman between your business and your customers

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